Tuesday, May 18, 2010



this morning.
a glass of fresh juice.
made using kale, one pear, and one banana.
i feel that if i'm going to drink something this green,
i can at least put it in a pretty glass ;)

05 18 10 017

an egg omelet with just a sprinkle of cheese.
i just can't go without the cheese, you know.
it makes all the difference.  yum!

05 18 10 027

taking photos of my breakfast
is what happens when the kids find
something educational to watch in the mornings
before our lessons begin. sometimes it is fun
to dress up my omelet with a sprinkle of parsley
and snap some photos. however, the juice gets
special treatment nearly every time, because it does
taste better that way, you know.

okay, now back to my regularly
scheduled program.  :-D


Caroline said...

Wonderful! I put spinach in my smoothies...love it cuz you can't taste it...and if you put in a lot of dark berries it doesn't turn the smoothie a weird color :) Have a beautiful day!

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Love these pictures. I like to enjoy my food with my camera and then my tastebuds, too. Do your kids ever laugh at you for it like mine do?
I was doing well, getting my smoothie a bit more green each day, but somehow by the time I added enough kale to get it as green as yours, I lost my taste for it. I need to go back to the simple spinach, strawberry and banana one I started with and loved. I prefer it more brownish than totally green.
I drank mine one morning on the way to the doctor's office and when I arrived, I had about an inch left in the bottom of my cup that I didn't want to spill, so I opened the door and poured it out in the parking lot. As soon as I did it, I realized how inconsiderate it was because it was very green and certainly didn't look like something edible - more like something that had already been eaten and came back up. I felt sorry for whoever parked in that area after I left. ;)
Good for you on the diet changes. We could enjoy a lot of meals together, you and I. I think of you every time I do a veggie stirfry for lunch and now I'll remember you when I make a breakfast smoothie. :)