Wednesday, May 5, 2010



I may be going "disposable" for a while!  Or at least here and there when the urge strikes.
There is a new group over at Flickr for these disposable shots and I think it's going to be
a blast to see what everyone comes up with.  The thing is add to the group, no cropping,
editing, photoshopping, filtering, etc. can be added to the photo.  
It has to be a sooc (straight out of the camera) file or scan.


This is my 10:52 self portrait ( a week late, of course) taken with my disposable.
I did crop this shot just a bit since the camera was held at arm's length
and the entire shot took on a wonky angle.
A little cropping did the trick....oh and a cooling filter, too.
And, no, I didn't add it to the group ;)

These two were added to the group.  They are sooc and I think I'm loving the tones in them.

sleepy kitty

This is a shot of our kitty napping on our porch bench late yesterday afternoon.

making granola

This is a shot of my granola-making process from yesterday. I'm not sure why the top is cut off of this shot, but I do know the view-finder is much more tricky than my night and day! Even though the top is missing, I still like the tones and the whole feel of it.  The granola was yummy, too.  
Check out the recipe here.

So, there you have it.  It's probably going to be my new obsession for a while.  

Won't you join in?  It's sure to be fun!

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