Thursday, July 29, 2010



one hour.
as fast as i can manage.
i can definitely see that you must spend energy in order to make energy.
two months ago i was near death after only 15 {long} minutes, today one hour seems to fly by and i feel amazing afterward. it definitely does a body good.

Outside my window...where my hubby and i sit on the porch and talk our way into the day ahead
I am thinking...about my car in the shop
I am thankful husband being home today
From the and waffles with yogurt and organic strawberries - yum!
I am wearing...workout clothes
I am creating...a new me
I am pick my car up from the shop...yay!
I am reading...a few of my favorite blogs this morning
I am hoping...that some friends will be able to visit on Friday
I am hearing...James Morrison...i could honestly listen to this man's voice all day. 
Around the house...things are moving at a slower pace with my hubby's so nice.
One of my favorite things...
my ipod crammed full of upbeat songs for walking

From the Simple Woman's Daybook foFrom the Simple Woman's Daybook found here.

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