Wednesday, July 28, 2010's the deal. inspiration has been so hard for me to find lately. i have lost it almost completely. i know i'm just in a creative slump, so i'm going to be proactive about this for a bit. i'm going to try to post something each day with my focus being on the little things, the here and now, the mindful moments that i'm committed to absorbing. the messes, the food, the laughter, the living....

this morning.

Outside my window...early morning sun peeking through the trees
I am thinking...of being more mindful of my everyday and finding inspiration in the small things
I am thankful for...this morning's peace and quiet 
From the kitchen...a hot cup of coffee to get my day started
I am wearing...workout clothes
I am creating...a new mental picture of priorities so that i can create again
I am workout then hang my camera 'round my neck to make sure i focus on being more mindful today
I am reading...Sookie Stackhouse book #5, Dead as a Doornail and Women, Food, and God.
I am hoping...that autumn comes early this year
I am hearing...this song playing in the background and nothing else.
Around the house...chores await and school items need to be reorganized before September
One of my favorite things...right now - homemade hummus and whole wheat pitas.  everyday.

From the Simple Woman's Daybook found here.


Jessaca said...

Hey there!!! I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and have not stopped by and comment on your photography...I think it is great.
Hope you get out of your funk and find that drive and creativitiy in new and exciting ways again.
Have a great day

radiantreflections said...

Love this mindful post, Sandra! And I love the simple women's daybook ... i must join in one day.