Wednesday, July 14, 2010



warm, or in our case, downright h.o.t.!
line dried clothes when the humidity! doesn't keep them damp all day.
cold fruits and salads and homemade ice cream.
bare feet, chlorine, ponytails.
ice water to drink.
chips and salsa for snack everyday.
swimming pool and sprinkler to stay cool.


evening walks and morning workouts.
sundresses and new sandals.
trips to the water park.
vacation planning.
vacation anticipation!
reading in the lawn chair while soaking up some rays.
sunglasses permanently attached to my head
fresh blueberries, fresh figs
freckled skin and highlighted hair
laughter from playing children
lots of sleep from really tired children

that is summer to me.
i hope your summer days are wonderful, too!


Sebrina Wilson said...

wow that flower is lovely!!! And the watermelon picture is awesome :)

radiantreflections said...

hehe, the watermelon shot is cute! and your summer sounds lovely :o)