Tuesday, August 31, 2010

day thirty-one

{from dinner tonight}

it is the last day of August.  the last day of the August Break.  i'm going to miss it...or at least miss having a project that i love, with a title, a group pool to share with others, the simplicity of the idea, and the reminder that it brought of how much i enjoy blogging.

as i sit down at the end of this day, i'm glad that i took the time nearly every day this month to use my camera and put up some sort of post.  i'm thankful that it allowed me to focus on my photography just a bit more than normal and glad that it made me more mindful every day, looking for the small parts and pieces of life that i may have ordinarily missed.  the things like food and cooking, smiles and freckles, pets and nature, beach bags and fences, vacations and walks along the beach.

August is typically the one summer month that i dislike most.  it is always so very hot and unbearably humid and seemingly never-ending.  this year, however, the month of August seemed to skip along at a better pace and has found itself fading into September before i knew it.  i am almost certain it is because i kept my mind a little more busy and focused on the good things that this month brought.  and that is a good thing.

now i'm looking forward to September and the changes that it will bring as we slowly slip into autumn.  hopefully i'll be able to keep up the pace i've set this month and bring myself back to this space with that same mindfulness every day.


Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

I know that I have enjoyed your more frequent posts throughout the month - your focus on simplicity and wholesome living. Beautiful photos this month, as always!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Your August series is lovely. Happy September, Sandra!