Monday, August 2, 2010

early morning thinking

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i love early mornings.

i love being able to wake up at least a couple of hours earlier than everyone else and sit with my coffee and think.  i love, most of all, the way it allows me to ease into my day.  i'm not a get-up-and-go kinda gal...i need a minute to collect myself first.

today i woke up early as usual, made my coffee, read a chapter in my book, listened to some music from this album, read this completely interesting health article, chatted with my mom on the phone, then grabbed my camera before i went out to feed the chickens.  then the kids woke up and my day could begin without me feeling like i'm in a rush.

oh...and what's on today's agenda?  my usual monday errands including banking, grocery shopping, and a run to the library.  so today will be busy...and hot.  we're breaking temperature records around here right now...and without a doubt, some misery records, too.  but, the weekly shopping awaits and my girls are eager to go with me so i'm off to get started...

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radiantreflections said...

John Mayer is my morning music too ... im not a morning person, but your morning sounds lovely.