Thursday, August 26, 2010

for today


i'm tired
i'm headache-y
i'm glad the little one is feeling better today
yesterday was such a long, sickly kind of day
i hope that i (or anyone else for that matter) don't catch the bug she had
i'm happy that my hubby is home today and tomorrow
i'm looking forward to possible time out with my mom tomorrow
i'm feeling hungry but really don't want to cook anything
i may just have some leftover brown rice salad from lunch
one of the boys is already cooking himself a grilled cheese sandwich
i wonder if the girls would be happy with cereal....hmmm.
cancel that...emma just asked for chicken.
i'd love to curl up with my book in peace and quiet
or maybe a movie...a girly romance like Becoming Jane, but then i really love Chocolat.
i think i'll go make myself a glass of iced tea while i cook
and think about it.
book or movie?
that is the kind of day i've had.
i'm looking forward to begin again.

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