Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on my mind

{this cardinal mommy was in the tree right below our hotel balcony last week.  we'd watch her come and go and feed her babies every morning with our coffee.}

just a bit of randomness this afternoon:

  • i saw this post from jessica claire photography and fell in love with what she captures.  check out these photos and tell me it's not the cutest wedding idea ever!  i adore it!
  • my friend Kylie shared a link to darrah parker photography and the beautiful poem that she wrote about the beauty in all of us.  i loved it...it touched me deeply and it is so very true.  do yourself a favor and read it and then really think about it.  beauty.  it's in all of us....
  • a couple of things had me smiling/laughing at the grocery store yesterday.  i saw, as i made my way down the bath soap aisle, men's body wash - Old Spice Swagger, i thought that name was just so funny.  it was the first time i'd noticed it, heehee!  ***** on another note, the Target assistant manager was helping out the grocery cashiers and ended up being the one who helped me.  he was hilarious although i tried not to laugh at him.  he was, the entire time, making random and constant comments out loud about nearly every product i was buying, lol!  he was giving me positive feedback about nearly all my choices...my extra virgin olive oil, my free-range ground beef, my kale and squash choices, even my shampoo!  it was like his mouth was freely saying what his mind was thinking, lol!  i was just glad that i didn't come through his line with a cart full of junk food and i'm really glad that it wasn't the week for a purchase of feminine products...yikes!
  • it's been hard this week to get back into routine after last week's vacation.  it's really a shame that we can't vacation all year, then only work a week or two...hmm.  i might as well forget that little idea, huh?  :)
  • the upcoming john mayer concert on labor day has me daydreaming...i can't wait to go!  i've been waiting since april for that concert!  it's going to be extra special since the hubby and i will be staying away for the night!
  • i'm actually feeling the itch to sew and knit the past couple of weeks.  i'm thinking about pajamas and reusable grocery bags and quilts and an afghan....oh, and how about this!  we'll see how crafty i get!  
  • oh...as i was browsing books-a-million yesterday i came across Clean Eating magazine.  I have to say that  i love it!  i'm not usually a magazine kind of girl, but boy do i love this one!  i took it with me to starbucks and had a cup of coffee as i browsed the simple, easy, healthy, and clean recipes inside.  ideas on how to feed a family of 4 in the healthiest way possible for under $10 a meal...so that means great ideas for my family of 6!  lots of whole foods, simple preparations, and healthy ideas!

okay...enough of my ramblings today.  back to the August Break for tomorrow!  

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