Wednesday, August 25, 2010

today....and vacation food

through the candy shop window


Outside my window... sunshine and heat and humidity.  i can't wait for the onset of fall-like weather.

I am thankful for... being able to homeschool my kids.  the reasons why seem to multiply daily.

From the learning rooms... organization and scheduling as we near our start date.

From the kitchen... left over butternut squash risotto, from the recipe in this month's clean eating magazine.

I am wearing...denim capris and a button down shirt with black flip flops

I am creating...a crafting to-do list and hoping that i can actually do it!

I am going... not far.  possibly the feed store to pick up a few puppy items!

I am reading... Mockingjay!  i'm SO excited that this book is finally here...i started it immediately!

I am hoping...that my littlest girl feels better soon.  she's not feeling well today.

I am hearing... the low rumble of a movie to distract my girl from her icky tummy.

Around the house...towels are drying on the line, floors need mopping, and i really, really need to clean the windows
One of my favorite things... iced tea, unsweetened.  so good on these hot days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: i'm hoping to sneak in a movie with my mom before the week ends!

More of The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Now onto the vacation food:

amusement park food

what else is there to say?

except i shouldn't have

and yum.

yep - it was good!

iced tea... in a mason jar.

iced tea in a mason jar
at a catfish restaurant.
does it get any better than that?

i forgot how good these are

i forgot how good these are.
i haven't had any of these in years...i found them in a candy shop during our vacation and oh my...yum!  needless to say, we went through a couple of bags before we got back home.

candy sticks

a little old fashioned candy...

so many to choose from...yum!

oh, let's not forget the ice cream is august afterall!


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keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

oh goodness ... oh yum. YUM YUM YUM!

and this just reminded me that i totally forgot to blog/flickr the photos from the candy store we went to on vacation!! ;)