Friday, September 24, 2010


that's what i'll be this weekend.
the kids are going camping with the grandparents.
early in the morning, with my cup of coffee, 
i'm hitting some garage sales
and antique stores
and the movies.

it's not often that i get two days
to myself.  hmmm...don't know if that's
ever happened actually.
i do intend to enjoy it...
the quiet
the reading
the time to think
the quick meals
the solitude.

all the while
missing my babies
and, i'm sure, fighting back
the overwhelming urge to
hurry along the weekend
so that they'll be back here with me.
making noise, screaming,
interrupting every page of my reading,
making the dogs bark, slamming the
back door, and making constant
messes for me to clean up.

i'm sure that's how it will go.

**you can find me at A Mindful Home today, too.**

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