Friday, September 10, 2010

friday's end


tonight i look back on this week and i wonder where in the world it has gone.


all the minutes and seconds spent teaching, writing, cleaning, washing laundry,
hanging laundry, folding laundry, walking the puppy, cooking meals, avoiding
the grocery store, making myself use the food in my pantry and freezer,
vacuuming the floors, reading, hanging halloween decorations (yes, already),
brushing little teeth, running water for bubble baths, brushing hair,
holding, hugging, and kissing...

all these tiny moments have consumed nearly a week of my time.  these are the days
where those tiny moments feel like grains of fine sand slipping through my tired
fingers.  each one blown gently away, never to return again.  these are also the
moments that remind me how very important it is to be mindful.  careful not to
let these grains pass through unnoticed, untouched, unappreciated.

this friday's end finds me feeling very blessed and content.
and at a perfect opening for the weekend.

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