Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i have a couple of new faces for you to meet....

did i mention that we got a new puppy?  yes.  we did.  he's our very first puppy.  a miniature schnauzer named Percy.  he's 10-weeks old and is a tiny bundle of fun.  my mom has two mini schnauzers that we have totally enjoyed being around for the last two years and this is one of her pups.  he is the sweetest ever...a little cuddle bug!



did i also mention that i promised my boys a new puppy of their very own for their birthday back in july? i did. i promised a yellow lab and we all agreed to put off getting one until after our vacation last month. ever since then we have been patiently waiting to find one for sale. we found one this weekend that met all the boys' criteria...yellow and male. my only hesitation was that he was already 14 weeks old and i was really hoping for a younger one...something like this.

although i knew  that once we took the drive out to see the puppy there was most likely no way on this earth they'd leave without him so long as he was playful and healthy.  i was right.  we brought him home late sunday afternoon and he's already fitting in perfectly.  and my boys love him.

meet Cooper....

 our newest family member...





okay...now the funny part. Cooper meets Percy:





he is irresistibly cute.


calm and gentle.





who could possibly resist a face like this? awww....


okay....here they are. as real as it gets. i do think he's a perfect fit :)





Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

I love them all. Especially the ones with your children. What a sweet relationship these photos portray.
Thank you for your email. It meant a lot to me. I was going to respond, but I must have accidentally deleted it and verizon has such a nice way of emptying my trash without my permission.
A friend wanted my pumpkin butter recipe, but when I looked it up, I realized I got it from you (somewhere around October 20, 1008). Your old blog is password protected now, so the link no longer works. Would you mind emailing it to me?
Thanks so much!

radiantreflections said...

Oh Sandra, these are all such precious and beautiful images! I hope the pups are settling in well - they are so cute!
i love the photo of one of your boys holding your little girl (9th photo from top and yep. im shocking with names!) so sweet xo