Thursday, September 23, 2010

last of summer


last bbq of summer

spent with the neighbors.
they're such close friends they're like family.
they're originally from Texas...and you can tell.
they have little Texas trinkets all over  :)

they also love to bbq ribs and chicken
and make awesome cheese dip and chips
and give my kids sodas and treats
and have us over to swim and eat
all the time.
they're great like that.



we went over to have an end of summer bbq
complete with {honestly} the best ribs ever, chicken,
corn, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.


the kids swam until after sundown
we adults talked over tea and wine
and put our feet up near the fire pit
as darkness settled in on the day
and the summer season, too.

good times.
good times.



luksky said...

I bet they miss Texas!! :-)

radiantreflections said...

a lovely way to bid farewell to summer.

Jessaca said...

I'm quit partial to the state of Texas being that I was born and raised their ;). I can totally understnd your friends having Texas decorations everywhere we too have some things to remind my husband and myself about the best state in the country. The first photo is my FAVORITE.