Saturday, September 18, 2010



a walk
down a quiet road
to watch the day begin
to gather my thoughts

to notice all the little things
around me, above me, below me
to see the changes
the imperfections
the colors.
to hear the sounds of birds
of wind
of quiet.

the perfection of it all.

knowing that each day
is perfect for each of us in what it holds
perfect in what it does not.
perfect in its completion.


the season of our lives plays out
second by second
hour by hour
days and months and years at a time.
disappearing quickly
with so much story to tell.

now to bind it all together
every page of my story written by
every minute of my days
every kiss, every hug, every mess,
every disaster, every lesson learned,
every book read, every song sung,
every date night or date night missed,
every hand held, every busy day,
every lazy day, every load of laundry,
every sweep of the broom, every disagreement,
every sadness, every celebration,
every connection.

every second.


now just because i've been listening to this one over and over and over.  i love this live version so much. real and perfect.

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radiantreflections said...

sandra! this is so beautiful. something about your writing here, made tears swell up. xo