Saturday, September 25, 2010

my day


i did make it to
some garage sales
and found some
kitchen items.
those are my favorite
to find. i scored a new
tea pot and matching cups,
some serving dishes, and
a few books for the kids.

i didn't make it to the movies.
the show time conflicted with
when i needed to be back with
the puppies, so i had to make a
choice. i was bummed about not
seeing the movie, but garage
sale-ing won. i think it was the
perfect choice.

i did stop at the store to get our family a new tent.
we put up our old one the other
day and it went to shreds almost
immediately. i'm thinking that it
dry-rotted. besides, it was really,
really old.  anyway, i spent the afternoon
putting it up all by myself.  it wasn't all
that hard to do actually.  i put it up in under
an hour.  i wanted to surprise the kids with
it when they get home tomorrow.  we love back yard
camping and campfires and autumn suppers outside,
so i know that they will be very excited to
see this new fancy tent in the back yard.

tonight i made a fancy little dinner for just me
and darrell.  i grilled some perfect ribeyes, made a
delicious burgundy mushroom cream sauce to
top them with, made a couple of baked potatoes, and
a salad with some fresh rolls.  it was delicious.
we sat outside at the patio table sipping iced tea
from mason jars and talking about the day.
it was really a nice little change from our
everyday.  peace and quiet is nice.

for a while.

i admit.  i'm ready to see those four faces
walk through my back door.  i miss them.

***the photo above is a shot from our vacation last month.  i was doing a little people-watching one night in The Village, in downtown Gatlinburg.***

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