Friday, September 17, 2010

today : random



  • it was hot outside
  • i only washed one load of laundry
  • my hubby was home
  • we visited with my mom as she and my dad are spending the weekend camping just a short distance away
  • i made homemade chili for dinner
  • i wish the weather would have been cool enough to have dinner outside
  • the dogs are testing my patience
  • the kids are testing it, too
  • it has been one of those days
  • i'm trying to remember to stop...and breathe
  • i shouldn't have eaten a cream cheese danish with my coffee, but it was delicious
  • i'm reminded that i've been off my diet for almost a month.  it's time to get back on track.
  • my iced tea is so good right now in this moment.  fresh from the pot and into the ice with no sugar.  just the way i like it
  • i'm baking a peach cobbler right now.  i know - i should go back and remind myself about being off my diet.  tomorrow is another day, right?  :)
  • i'm almost finished with my book and with any luck, tomorrow i can add it to my read list over at goodreads.
  • i thought i liked my newly designed blog page...i did.  but it just didn't feel like me.  so i changed it.  i like this one better for now.  clean and simple.  i'm still looking for just the right image...if there is one.  i love so many different images for so many different reasons all at the same time.  am i the only one who does that?
  •  today has been a random kind of day and i'm in a random kind of mood.  i'm ready to begin again tomorrow.
  • i have a photo-shoot tomorrow afternoon with high school girl in her homecoming dress...that should be fun.
  • i have lots of laundry to do in the morning and i need to start on a grocery list for next week...i need to plan out my healthy meals in advance so i can be sure to keep myself on track
  • i'm looking forward to spending time with my camera this weekend.  lots of ideas in time to put them in motion.

happy weekend!

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