Thursday, September 30, 2010

today :: random


random for today:

even though i was so very tired last night, i still didn't sleep well

today's most constructive actions...changing the bed sheets and doing four loads of laundry

today's favorite moments (so far) with my mom and watching Chocolat.  

i finally found some broccoli rabe at a different grocery store this week.  this vegetable is virtually impossible to find here locally.  it's on the stove now along with some pasta and chicken.  it does taste delicious by the way.

that different grocery store i mentioned...very expensive.  i mean like a fifty percent increase in price on many items versus my beloved regular grocer.  i could see that it was definitely all hype when it comes to variety and service.  i was more than a little disappointed (other than finding the broccoli rabe) and no, ms. cashier, the free balloon to my girls certainly won't entice me to pay those prices again.  however, mr. nice guy in the parking lot, i so appreciated your kind help with returning my cart.  you were a sweetie...and definitely one in a million.  those random acts of kindness are too few and far between.

i'm dreaming of new cameras and of film cameras.  i'm going to get myself into trouble before long.  i can feel it.

did i mention that my sweet Texan neighbor gave me a huge loot of old film slrs, lenses, working flashes, and lots of other goodies?  yes.  he did.  the particular slr that he gave me, the minolta xg-1, is missing part of the film reel.  and since i have all the books and lenses and accessories, i'm thinking of ordering one just like it as a replacement.  i'm dying to shoot an old camera, of course.

the weather has been heavenly for the last couple of days.  cool mornings, breezy all day, with that yummy autumn glow to the sunlight. so very nice.  i hope it sticks around.

the dogs are behaving nicely...lots of playing, a little barking (during daylight hours) and very few mistakes in the house.  they're getting along together well, we're taking lots of walks, teaching lots of discipline, and only in a few momentary lapses of sanity have i wondered what in this world i was thinking to get two puppies at once.  seriously, they're great.

and to finish off my random post...i'll leave you with this:

seeing....the very late afternoon light in the windows, where the sun is nearly absent.  the kids are also walking across the street at this moment to visit the neighbors. fingers type this post.  and silence otherwise.  so nice when my hubby's home to keep the kids occupied.

tasting...broccoli rabe.  yum.

smelling...a cinnabon candle burning up on the mantle.  those things are delicious this time of year.

feeling...the cool breezes blow in the window.  the midday sun makes me keep my windows down, still just a bit too warm.  but that morning and afternoon breeze in the windows is wonderful.

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