Monday, September 27, 2010


this morning

to start off right
this morning.
my breakfast looks
really healthy and yummy
and it was.
thank goodness.
it was much better than it has been
for the last week or so.


i allowed myself a little leniency during
last month's vacation.  i forgot to remind
myself that vacation is indeed over.
and has been for over a month.
uggh.  little details like that can
be so easy to overlook.

d e l i g h t

i'm hoping to get back on track this week
making wiser choices.
making up a major shopping list
and searching menu ideas from
a couple of my cookbooks
for this weeks grocery run.

also thinking i should apply the words
on this morning's yogi tea bag to my
own self.  i should delight myself with kindness,
grace, and compassion and stop all
the negative self-talk already...and the
struggle continues.

back on track i go....

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