Wednesday, September 29, 2010



here's a little collage of a session i had
yesterday afternoon. i love the golden light
we're getting right now. so very autumn-like.
and isn't she pretty?  i love the last shot. it
was one of those in-the-moment kinds of
shots - just her being herself.  i love that.


can i just say that both yesterday and today
have been busy?  oh my... on a mega-scale.
it's really amazing sometimes to see just what
one can fit into a 24-hour period and how very
little sleep one can actually survive on.  i'm just
glad that our 'weekend' is here and my hubby is
home for the next two days.  i plan on sleeping
as late as my brain will let me in the morning and
i seriously hope the kids have the same thing in mind.

night, friends.