Sunday, October 10, 2010



me.  today.
that's more than 35 isn't it?  wow.
i often wonder where the time goes, but then i'm so grateful for the stage of life that i'm in now.
i think it's a nice trade-off for the most part.


i let Ethan take a few shots of me this morning so i can remember exactly what 36 looks like for me.  he did a really good job with the camera and i'm pleased with the results :)

i look back on this past year and note the things that happened or didn't happen, the things hoped for, the things accomplished, the fears, the mindfulness that i found myself committed to, etc and i have to say that this year has been great.  i'm curious to see where 36 will take me, where i'll be at this same date next year, what my life-list will look like and what's been accomplished.  for now though, i'm happy where i am and happy with taking this life one day at a time.



luksky said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!! Happy B-day!!!

Julie said...

Love the pictures! happy birthday!

jess said...

Yeah no kidding... You look better at 36 than I looked at 22. xoxo
Also, I must have that shirt. :)