Friday, October 8, 2010

brown : autumn color week

today: brown
the final day of
autumn color week.


It was easy to find brown as we were out and about today spending time at a classic car show and browsing through a garden center.



brown in the backyard...pine cones collected by the kids and firewood waiting for really cool temperatures to make their way down here.

brown {and aqua}


and brown {and aqua} found in my new bike! darrell took the kids shopping for my birthday yesterday and when they returned they were quite insistent on giving me the gift they bought even though it was three days early. i kept saying no, but finally gave in and this is what was waiting for me. i was really surprised and am now totally in love with it. the old fashioned styling, simple mechanics, and color are perfect and i'm certain that i'll be spending plenty of time on her this autumn.


Laurie Skillern said...

Love the bicycle!!!!!!

Great finds for the browns! I really love the old truck.

justine said...

I love all your brown shots but I especially love this bike, it looks wonderful! how nice.