Thursday, October 14, 2010

first roll

of film developed from this new friend of mine...
she's a 1979 minolta xg-1 slr camera.

my new toy

i still have lots of practice to do with my settings and also just getting used to the flow of how film works, but i'm pretty happy with the results of my first roll. i have quite a few more shots along with my favorites from the roll to reveal, but these are so autumnal in feel that i wanted to share them first. this was during a trip to a garden center last week where the kids got to pick out a few goodies to bring home.

 my girlies


 choices to make

 don' you love those pumpkin topiaries?

 autumn pretties

today along with scanning the photos from my first roll, i also started sorting through the last 15 years of printed photographs.  my photo albums were in terrible shape, so i decided to just toss them and keep the prints in a photo box instead.  i hope all that time-consuming, back-breaking work was worth it.  i'm still not quite finished, just a little more to do.

i'm also wondering about the prints from my new/old camera.  i had the roll developed with single prints and declined the archive cd.  now i'm wondering if the archive cd may just be worth the extra five bucks.  my scans are okay, but could be better.  i'll try it a different way with the next roll and see what works best.  it may take me a while to figure all this film business out ;)

also....with this post i tried out a smaller size photo for the blog.  i'm not sure which size i like best.  what do you think?   these smaller images or my previous larger images?

anyway....the campfire awaits me along with a bag of marshmallows to toast.



justine said...

I always like larger images when looking at blogs. I have just put a roll of film in an old camera too and I was thinking about getting the cd when I got them developed as I imagine a bit would be lost with scanning, now you have said this I think I will do that. I love these pictures, it's funny the concept of waiting to see the results until the roll is finished.

radiantreflections said...

Love these images, Sandra!
I have always gotten the cd when i print from film ... and i have a few film rolls to be developed and i was thinking i would scan them myself this time. i have never used our scanner before, and not really sure how to go about it ... that sounds so silly once i write it out! lol ... but, you just pop the photo in, hit scan? or is there more to it?
also ... i like the larger images on your blog, i use a smaller size only because the template i have on wordpress accommodates for 500px wide. :o)