Friday, October 15, 2010




more scans from my first film roll. i really wish the scans were better because the prints are nice. anyway...will figure it out as i go :)


early morning chatting on the porch with my hubby in the cool, crisp air

making cream of wheat for breakfast

coffee by the pot

laundry to finish

making crimson tide plans for next month ;)

a little writing

planning an early dinner for today

taking time away with my mom this afternoon for a night out with :

bon jovi on the beach. oh yes. oh my. i can't wait!


justine said...

were these on manual setting on your camera? the light is great. What is cream of wheat? is that porridge?

sandra said...

hi Justine! yes, these were done on manual setting with my new film camera. they were taken near a window when i was getting a good bit of morning sun through my window, so the light was ideal at that moment - and luckily they turned out.

and cream of wheat is also known as farina...i would imagine that it would be much like porridge. it's a hot, fine grain, wheat cereal...and it's yummy!

Jessaca said...

I love the simplicity of the 2 photos. Hoping to see some great photos from you concert on the beach with Bon Jovi. Have Fun!!

radiantreflections said...

and cream of wheat? i always wondered what that was!