Thursday, October 21, 2010

to compare

 film.  picnic.


picnic on film.

these two shots (above) are from one of our recent
picnics.  i did another couple of shots digitally
(below) to have a point of comparison.  i do
i love the film version for its graininess and
'filmy' appearance, but also the digital for its crystal
clear focus.

picnic on digital. 




has been better.
my son finally had his cast removed. (big yay!!)
my hubby was home from work.
we had a nice lunchtime visit with my mother in law
and a relaxing coffee time visit with my mom.
the kids went out with their dad for a while
this afternoon, so right now all is peaceful and quiet.

it's something i can't live without.
i cannot manage without it.
even though i love every wild second spent
with my family and would never trade a moment of it,
time to myself is a must. even if i have to lose
sleep to get it.

this afternoon has been good.
much thanks to my hubby.
i love him.

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radiantreflections said...

I love the differences, both special and magical in their own ways ... and yes. time to yourself is a must. x