Thursday, October 7, 2010

red : autumn color week

today red was easy to find.
that is most likely because red is my favorite color.
i tend to have a bit of red just about everywhere.
so, after another busy morning, these are the snapshots of the red in my afternoon.

a left over cupcake from Darrell's birthday...

ready to picnic
a glass of water outside by myself during a bit of peace and quiet as my hubby took the kids out shopping for my upcoming birthday on Sunday.


  playing around with red leaves that i found...

the evening was so nice out that we decided to have dinner at the picnic table.

i'm pretty certain that times like these are what make autumn my most favorite season.

Picnik collage
here...just a little puppy admiration and remembering the togetherness we shared tonight.  talking, eating, laughing, the kids taking turns telling scary stories, sitting by the fire, the soft glow of candles from the table, the cool crispness of the air, the love...  all the things i want to hold close forever.


now, for the red finale:

this is what made my morning busy. no, it's not broken, but he's had pain recently in the foot caused by a torn tendon. so, two weeks in a cast to immobilize the foot to allow for healing and he should be as good as new. he was happy with the red...the crimson red.


Jessaca said...

Great photos of the color red. I love how you set up your picnic table for dinner outside...nicely done!!!

justine said...

I love these pictures, they all tell such a great story and your poor son, that looks painful.