Saturday, October 9, 2010

sunrise and thoughts


*these shots are from this morning's sunrise in the cotton field across the road from my house*

morning is my favorite time of day.

cotton fields, after the leaves have fallen from the plants, are beautiful. it won't be long now before the plants are picked and  all the white is gone.

the days now are warmer than earlier in the week and the air conditioner has resumed its duty.

my week has been busy.  there has been something to leave the house for every day this week.  i'm looking forward to being home today.

i have a couple of photo sessions this afternoon and one tomorrow afternoon as well.

yesterday we ate lunch with my husband's brother.  the food was delicious, but the chocolate cake and coffee was my favorite part. (it's a shame that i didn't have my camera in my was just as delicious to the eyes)

last night i was in the mood for cleaning after we got back home from another long day out and that is just what i did until i went to sleep.  it was so nice to get up this morning to find everything clean and in order, including laundry,  to start the day.

paper work is calling my name...loudly.  i must make time this weekend to get some things organized and also locate a couple of things that i seem to have misplaced.

i did purchase the old film camera that i mentioned before and it seems to work well.  i'm almost finished shooting the first roll of film and i can't wait to see the results.  i'm also a little scared....shooting manually with film is entirely different than with my dslr.  there are no previews or second chances.  yikes!

since having my new bike i have a bit of an urge to pack up the tent and go camping somewhere other than our own property.  somewhere with some nice wooded, winding, peaceful roads.  we may have to do that.

the kids are finally awake with mentions of breakfast, so my day is about to get fully underway.  it's going to be a good day.  i just know it.

happy weekending, friends.


Jessaca said...

The middle photo of the open field of cotton is SPECTACULAR!!!
Have a great weekend.

luksky said...

I LOVE these simple, but yet so beautiful.

radiantreflections said...

wow. all the shots are beautiful - but the middle one?! wow. amazing. x

Yolanda said...

Where do you live where cotton grows like this. I grew up in MS and miss seeing the fields like this.