Tuesday, October 5, 2010

yellow : autumn color week

yellow cup


yellow peppers


we kept our eyes open for yellow.
yellow coffee cups, lots of yellow flowers including the sunflower print from my friend, Kylie, and little helping hands to make sure i didn't pass anything up on my walk.

i also had my hair cut today.  it had gotten quite long and a bit stringy, i felt.  so i let it go.  it isn't exactly short, just shorter than it has been in a long while.  it feels really good and the curl is much better, too.  i'll have to show some before and after shots sometime this week :)

tomorrow is my husband's birthday.  the kids are excited - meals are being planned, cards are being drawn, and cake and ice cream are set to make an appearance.

back tomorrow with orange!


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. You captured yellow so beautifully : )

justine said...

I love your yellow captures here, they are beautiful

Jessaca said...

I love that 1st photo looks like something out of a chic decrorating magazine!