Saturday, November 20, 2010

thankful, blessed, and happy.

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i'm full of it these days.

the past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur.
ethan gave us quite a scare with some of the most terrifying
symptoms i've ever personally experienced...with a 12 year old.
decreased consciousness, slurred speech, involuntary movement
in the eyes, facial pallor, mental confusion, dizziness, numbness
and tingling in the hands, etc., and he had this same episode twice.
it seems to be associated with the migraine that he was suffering
from simultaneously.  more specifically, basilar-type migraine.

it is the scariest headache i have ever witnessed.  ever.
needless to say, these episodes were completed by an
ambulance ride to the emergency room and many tests
once we arrived.  there are still a couple of tests that
a neurologist has ordered before he will stick with his
initial diagnosis of basilar-type migraine, but i'm feeling
more and more confident with that diagnosis as the days
go by and he is completely normal in every way.  he did
have a migraine again on monday/tuesday, but it was a
normal one and  i think it could be blamed on the stressful
situation he found himself in.  thankfully, there have been
no other scary symptoms to report since our trip to the er.


i thought really hard about making a post regarding this
(or a post at all since i felt like all the life had been knocked out of me).
i usually don't mind sharing some things, however, personal issues
are hard to share, you know.  then i considered that while i knew quite a bit
about migraines (i used to suffer from them as well) i had never
once heard about these extreme symptoms in relation to migraine.
not once!  i'm sure that if i had specifically googled it, i could have found all the
info i could stand, but i had never read about or heard about this type of migraine
in as many headache articles as i've read in the past.

it was beyond scary, as a mother, to stand there and see
my child being basically hijacked by this migraine.  he was completely
helpless and out of control.  i can't imagine what would have happened
had he been in real school or, god-forbid, driving.  no one would have
known what to do and no one would have guessed that the symptoms,
as extreme and terrifying as they are when unfolding, are harmless.

i'm sure that i'm not the only one in the dark regarding these
symptoms in relation to migraines so that is why i decided
to share our experience here.  i hope this is a one and only episode.
i hope that i never have to report that it has happened again.  i hope that
others who suffer from migraines take the time to learn about the different
types that can affect them before they potentially happen.  even though this type
of migraine is very rare, i wish that the information about it was more 'out there'
in some of the migraine articles that are written and that doctors actually
alerted you to their possibility when you complain that you have been
experiencing migraines from time to time.


all in all, i'm thankful.  so very thankful that things are well with him
right now at this moment.  so very thankful that my family is whole,
that love surrounds us, and that we are blessed beyond measure.
i realize in a very real way that life can change in one small moment,
that we are not promised anything.  i realize that we should be continually
thankful for the everyday routines, for the messes, for the noise, for all
the things that drive us crazy in our day to day.  i realize that every time
i feel down or out of sorts, things could be so much worse than what is
going on inside this head of mine.  i realize what matters most to me.
what matters to the core of my being, my heart, my soul.

thanksgiving seems to be an appropriate time to come to this firm realization.
this thanksgiving i am so full of thanks....full to overflowing.
my family is well.
my heart is full.
my soul is grateful.
we are blessed.
i am happy.


imagesofmydailylife said...

oh Sandra I didn't know you went through this! I'm sure that must have gave you a scare! at the same time I see that you have learned a valuable lesson.. how to appreciate life.. sometimes being able to complain about the trivial little annoying things we daily experience is a luxury that many others don't have! going through such experiences -like the one you went through- is the reminder God gives us every now and then to enlighten us on how to be thankful for what we have! I'm glad your son is feeling better now and I'm even more glad you found out what was wrong with him and that there is a cure for that! I've heard about various strange migraine symptoms but I have never heard of the ones you've mentioned! thanks for the new information and thank you for opening my mind and making me rethink life and the way I live it!
please know that I'm always here for you if you need to talk about it or anything at all, you know where to reach me;) *HUGS*

keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

oh sandra. i am so sorry you had to go through this. it's hard enough seeing my tiny baby screaming in pain from reflux every day ... i honestly cannot imagine what you went through. i am glad to hear that he is doing better, and i hope those migraines stay far far away for a very long time.

Julie said...

Wow. That is scary. I am glad that your son seems to be okay and the rest of your post was wonderful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your experience...