Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december views 01


fresh green kale
right from the garden
and into the sautee pan
with some sweet potatoes
will be tonight's dinner.

i love december for this
reason...fresh green veggies
at the ready whenever i feel
like reaching for them.
broccoli, kale, cabbage,
collards, turnips with roots,
green onions, and romaine lettuce.
it is by far my favorite time of
year in the garden.


today has been low-key,
lots of time spent with the kids
doing fun things like
playing cards.  games of
'go fish' and 'spoons' were
really, really fun.  so fun in fact,
that we opted to play together
instead of doing worksheets :)

so, have you ever played spoons?
it is so much fun!  it's fast paced
and definitely sure to become one
of our favorites.  so, go grab a
deck of cards and give it a go.
you'll be glad you did!


i'm participating in december views this month
some posts will be wordy, some not,
but all will reflect what december is to me.

1 comment:

justine said...

I love kale and love how you have photographed it as well. Sounds like you are having lovely family time, are the children on holiday already?