Sunday, December 12, 2010

december views 12




this weekend has been a lazy one.
full of holiday movies,
excessive coffee drinking, and sofa sitting.
a little cookie baking and book reading was
thrown into the mix to keep it really interesting.
tonight i actually tried to be somewhat productive
as i started the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, &
made lasagne and garlic bread.

we all gathered at the table together as usual
while christmas music played in the background
and the kids took turns imitating some of their
favorite movie quotes while darrell and i laughed.
we watched the girls eat primarily the pasta portion
of their lasagne, drink from their favorite cups and pass
on the garlic bread while the boys picked the little chunks
of tomatoes from theirs.  we watched the boys choose water
to drink and the girls choose sweet tea.  we listened
to them laugh and tell jokes and watched them lick sauce from their lips.

we were together.  completely enjoying each other
and the moment we were in.  i was being as mindful tonight
as i'd like to be at all times, taking notice of the little things.
taking photos and mental notes, being thankful that i
have this.  this opportunity, this family, this love.

this weekend has been a good one indeed.

i'm participating in december views this month
some posts will be wordy, some not,
but all will reflect what december is to me.

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justine said...

sounds a wonderful relaxing weekend and that first shot is so simple and wonderful.