Monday, December 13, 2010

december views 13


the start of the day was filled
with a little shopping
a little craft time
a visit with santa
a visit with daddy at work
and a snack or two before we came back home




the end of the day
was filled with a messy house
messy kitchen
messy kids
and that was all before the power went out...
then we had all the messiness in the dark
along with cooking supper
and eating supper
and of course there were spills
and even more messes
before the power returned.
i admired the way the kids were willing
to pass the time while waiting and i am
so very thankful for a fireplace to warm us
and a gas stove so that i could finish cooking,
but i have to admit that after several hours
i was beyond ready to have our power return.
nothing pushes our reset buttons quite like being
forced back to basics when you don't have
the little big luxuries that we take for granted
day in and day out.

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