Thursday, December 16, 2010

december views 16

coffee shop corner



kodak 400
minolta xg-1

a shot from a couple of days ago
at a coffee shop
i stopped at while
finishing my shopping.

i certainly hope i'm finished...completely.
i'm sure there is something
i forgot to add to the list,
something that has slipped my mind
as this holiday season is one where
i mentally arrived completely unprepared.

i'm trying to remember to savor the moments,
notice the small things, keep the stress level
down.  and i have for the most part.
but there are moments of mental panic
at the realization that we're only nine days away.

oh my.

next year i'll be sure to have everything
done by thanksgiving.  the holidays are so
much better that way i think.

so how do you prepare and shop and
do the holiday thing?  are you an early
bird or are you more of a last minute

happy thursday night, all.

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