Thursday, December 23, 2010

december views 23



the cousins stayed with us last night.
the living room floor was completely covered
with pillows and air mattresses and blankets
and boys and girls and giggles and excitement.
it was such a great night...they had so much fun.

this morning we got a super-early start to the day,
lots of cookie baking and pie-making, and keeping
things clean and clutter free around the six wild kids
running through the house.  they played outside for
the majority of the time and would make their stop
at the cookie jars when they'd come in.  they helped
me when i needed it and we had everything nicely
prepared for our little dinner party in the evening.


i made homemade lasagne and garlic rolls and salad.
oh...also homemade lemon pies and those jars of cookies, too.
we ate and drank and talked and laughed at the kids and
felt so thankful to have this time together, this season of
celebration, this family.


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