Tuesday, December 7, 2010

girls' day out :: december views 07


december views 07


today was our girls' day out for some christmas shopping.
we do it every year (and also a separate boys'/mom's day out, too)
and it is always reserved to be a special day that we look
forward to. we start out early with breakfast at their favorite
restaurant and then we shop, or mostly browse, to their heart's
desire. they pick out gifts for their brothers and give me ideas
about the gifts they'd like to get for grandparents, too.
this afternoon, we took a break at starbucks and they had some
vanilla milk and a chocolate chip cookie while i had my regular, fresh brewed coffee,
and we just sat and talked. i watched their facial expressions as they were
talking, the way claire moves her hands as she's explaining something,
the way emma can carry a conversation in such a grown-up manner,
the missing teeth in their chocolate-filled smiles, the light in their
eyes as they anticipate their brothers' reactions to the gifts they picked
out for them....

so much going on in this mama's heart these days. so much goodness.
so much to be thankful for and i don't want to miss one second of it.


justine said...

your days sound so perfect, I get envious when I read your posts! you have such a lovely way with words and I can imagine everything you wrote about above.

radiantreflections said...

this sounds so lovely. and the last few sentences ... the way you described the moment? beautiful.