Friday, December 17, 2010

lots of photos :: december views 17

Picnik collage


there was a bit of a break from the
cold weather yesterday.  it was warm
enough for short sleeves and even bare feet.
the girls and i took a walk around collecting
big leaves from the neighbor's sycamore trees
and looking at acorns and stopping on the grass
for a while to talk and see all the goodies in claire's purse.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

as evidenced by the blue stickiness on her face,
she'd had a blue candy cane just before
the walk, however it didn't deter her from putting on a
little lip gloss and also applying some on her sister.



these are the moments that remind me to slow down,
especially during this christmas season.  these are the times
that make up the memories we'll have in the future.

when almost everything was pulling my attention elsewhere...
the dinner needed to be cooked
the wash needed to be put into the dryer
the dogs needed to be fed and walked
the clean sheets needed to be put on the bed
the floors still weren't mopped
the phone was ringing...

i stopped.

and i thought about this very moment,
the one that i was about to let slip away.
the one where i'd again say "maybe later"
or "in a minute" or "how about tomorrow?"

this time i didn't say those things.  this time i paid attention
and let everything else wait instead.

i know it's the best trade-off i've made in
a very long time.

i hope you find some time very soon to let everything else wait, too.



Julie said...

lovely pictures. i'm trying to be more in the moment too. why is it so hard, when it's worth so much more than the to-do list in my head?? have a nice weekend!

A Day That is Dessert said...

It's probably the biggest challenge for all of us in December, being in the moment. Happy holidays Sandra! xoxo