Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just thinking today...

just be.

  • my cup of coffee this morning was sooo good.
  • emma woke me at 3am because of a bad dream and just that one interruption in sleep made me wonder how in the world i did that night after night for umm...over eight years!  wow.  
  • isaac prepared dinner for us last night from my (now) favorite cookbook, Stir-Fried Summer Vegetables with Mediterranean Flavors.  it was so delicious with a side of fresh-from-the-garden romaine lettuce and a scoop of fusili pasta. he did a perfect job with it.
  • the sun is shining and the humidity is high....summer has most definitely arrived. phew!
  • today i have lots of laundry to do.  oh my...lots!
  • we've been studying Thailand recently and we're ready for a big Thai feast, however my city doesn't know what spring roll wrappers are...miso either.  i'm going to head out and hit a local asian grocery store to see if i can get lucky.  if not, i'll have to resort to my ever-faithful amazon.
  • i'm eagerly awaiting my new computer.  i cannot tell you how excited i am to have this new machine heading my direction.  my old computer is great, but for photo editing and storage, it is not very efficient.  the poor girl is almost nine years old and she was a beast of a machine in her time, however the beast that is on it's way to me now....well, it has me drooling with what i know it can hold and handle!  lightroom here i come!
  • i enjoyed my time yesterday shopping alone...i have to send my awesome mom a big, huge thank you, for always watching my kids, week to week, for me to have time alone to shop for our groceries.  yesterday i took a few minutes and brought my journal and a couple of books to starbucks.  and while i sipped on my grande mocha frappuccino with extra coffee and no cream (LOL!),  i jotted down some ingredients to add to my shopping list, did some journal-ing,  and read a chapter from a new book i picked up at the library.  it felt great to take a time-out with just me, not scurrying around as fast as i can trying to get home in record time.  i'll have to remind myself to do that more often.
  • i'm also thinking about my failure at my big 52 week self-portrait project.  yep.  i quit...although i feel it's just a temporary lapse and i'm hoping to catch up.  this has proven to be quite the challenge this time around.  sometimes,  i'll admit it, i just can't stand seeing myself in those photos and i'll just archive them until i think i can do it. i know that self-acceptance is the main reason for doing this project, but sometimes those old demons come for a visit, you know.  i'm hoping to get myself straightened out with this project really soon. 
  • sometimes life can resemble a big, jumbled mess, right?  but jotting things down in a journal or on a blog can do wonders for putting things back into perspective.  shining light on what's really important and peacefully letting go of what is not.  

i hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

pizza night!

05 20 10 005
05 20 10 018

The kids have been begging for a pizza night and tonight we had just that.
I used a recipe from A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen and I have to say that it is by far my favorite homemade pizza dough recipe.  So simple to make, a couple of hours to let the yeast do its thing, then pile it high with all the good stuff.  The kids, of course, chose sauce, pepperoni and cheese for theirs, but I chose to make mine by brushing the crust with olive oil, piling high with fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, onions, peppers and shiitake mushrooms, then just a small sprinkling of mozzarella and asiago cheeses.

The end result was just SO good.  Now my hubby is outside making homemade peach ice cream with the kids.  So, until they devour all that yummy, tempting ice cream, I think I'll just stay inside.  Or, better yet, maybe I'll grab my iPod and go for a walk.  That sounds like the best thing to do.

Ice cream = out of sight, out of mind!  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



a new book full of simple recipes for simple foods

tons of fresh veggies, some right from the garden

a determination to make healthier choices because i need a healthier me

some things happening recently to make me wake up and realize that the time is now

absolutely knowing that the end result will be worth every ounce of effort.

that's what i'm thinking about....tonight.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



this morning.
a glass of fresh juice.
made using kale, one pear, and one banana.
i feel that if i'm going to drink something this green,
i can at least put it in a pretty glass ;)

05 18 10 017

an egg omelet with just a sprinkle of cheese.
i just can't go without the cheese, you know.
it makes all the difference.  yum!

05 18 10 027

taking photos of my breakfast
is what happens when the kids find
something educational to watch in the mornings
before our lessons begin. sometimes it is fun
to dress up my omelet with a sprinkle of parsley
and snap some photos. however, the juice gets
special treatment nearly every time, because it does
taste better that way, you know.

okay, now back to my regularly
scheduled program.  :-D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

feelin' pretty :: disposables

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now."

These shots were taken at the same time as the ones in my previous post, but these were taken with a Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera, for the Flickr Disposables  group. The first shot is totally unedited and those tones seem to come through on every shot taken in the late afternoon light.  The second is edited with a black and white conversion only.  I loved the grain that showed up in the black and white!


Playing around with these disposable cameras is fun, I have to admit.  Now, not only do I have my dslr hanging around my neck, but my pocket stuffed with a disposable as well.

Oh...I came across an old piece of my grandmother's luggage in recent weeks and had some ideas for using it....a series is following soon!  An Etsy shop update is coming as well - it has been way too long!  Lots of new art prints will be added along with some old favorites.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

feelin' pretty

"It's the only time I feel like me, she said, &
everyone else just thinks it's dress-up."
           ~ Storypeople

feelin' pretty

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the baby.

the baby

the baby
the freckles
the eyes
the look

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



I may be going "disposable" for a while!  Or at least here and there when the urge strikes.
There is a new group over at Flickr for these disposable shots and I think it's going to be
a blast to see what everyone comes up with.  The thing is this...to add to the group, no cropping,
editing, photoshopping, filtering, etc. can be added to the photo.  
It has to be a sooc (straight out of the camera) file or scan.


This is my 10:52 self portrait ( a week late, of course) taken with my disposable.
I did crop this shot just a bit since the camera was held at arm's length
and the entire shot took on a wonky angle.
A little cropping did the trick....oh and a cooling filter, too.
And, no, I didn't add it to the group ;)

These two were added to the group.  They are sooc and I think I'm loving the tones in them.

sleepy kitty

This is a shot of our kitty napping on our porch bench late yesterday afternoon.

making granola

This is a shot of my granola-making process from yesterday. I'm not sure why the top is cut off of this shot, but I do know the view-finder is much more tricky than my dslr...like night and day! Even though the top is missing, I still like the tones and the whole feel of it.  The granola was yummy, too.  
Check out the recipe here.

So, there you have it.  It's probably going to be my new obsession for a while.  

Won't you join in?  It's sure to be fun!