Monday, June 28, 2010

right now


life is busy.

the weather is hot.

the humidity is insane.

i've been taking lots of photos.

i've had two baby photo shoots in the last week.

i have lots of photos to edit  :P

i'm making time for things i love.

i'm reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing with the kids, swimming, spending time outside.

i'm also taking care of me with the help of Jillian Michaels.

i'd never seen Jillian before running across her website, then realized just who she was.

her site is great...great enough to pay to continue the program.

i lost 8 pounds during the very first week. (!!!)

i am more than happy with the results i've seen.

it's all about eating real foods and doing real work to achieve the loss.

the eating is great...just learning limits.  it's also nice to have someone tell you what to eat because sometimes that part can become totally confusing!

the workouts (i'm doing The 30-Day Shred) are great, but push me to the limit every time.

however, i always feel super-energized and so glad that i did it!

it's funny that i can feel the difference all over...i can feel my body as it moves.  every muscle.  in a good way.

i also discovered greek-style yogurt...oh my.  it is the best!  especially with agave, blueberries, and waffles!

i'm just working hard lately to put (and keep) my priorities in order.

the busyness of summer can get things totally confused sometimes...especially since we try to do school lessons all summer long.

i am looking forward to the family vacation that we're planning in a couple of months.

we need this getaway.  really.

we're waiting for regular schools to be back in session before we venture out  ;)

in the meantime we'll enjoy summer right here at home.

full of chlorine and ice cream and dirty feet and sunkissed skin.

right now life is good.


~the photo above....just because her great personality is infectious and her sweet summer freckles make me smile :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

fishing at sunset

fishing at sunset

on beautiful Mobile Bay.

if you have a moment....a poignant yet touching music video tribute to the gulf coast area and the situation we're in.

just a quote from a gulf coast resident in a local news report....
"“BP doesn’t get it. This is sacred ground to us.
We got married on these shores. We baptized our children in this ocean.
           We entrust the ashes of our loved ones in this ocean.”"




on a better me.