Monday, October 25, 2010

good words to hear today

"life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." 
~Anaïs Nin


in these times when i really feel
like throwing in the towel,
stopping in my tracks,
unable to find hope,
desperately grasping faith,
feeling incredibly tired,
searching for an ounce of courage...

i find inspiring words.
and they lift me
and fill me
and remind me that
there is a tomorrow.
a really, really great tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

to compare

 film.  picnic.


picnic on film.

these two shots (above) are from one of our recent
picnics.  i did another couple of shots digitally
(below) to have a point of comparison.  i do
i love the film version for its graininess and
'filmy' appearance, but also the digital for its crystal
clear focus.

picnic on digital. 




has been better.
my son finally had his cast removed. (big yay!!)
my hubby was home from work.
we had a nice lunchtime visit with my mother in law
and a relaxing coffee time visit with my mom.
the kids went out with their dad for a while
this afternoon, so right now all is peaceful and quiet.

it's something i can't live without.
i cannot manage without it.
even though i love every wild second spent
with my family and would never trade a moment of it,
time to myself is a must. even if i have to lose
sleep to get it.

this afternoon has been good.
much thanks to my hubby.
i love him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sensing the day


seeing:  beautiful afternoon sunlight streaming in the windows

smelling:  an apple cinnamon, yankee candle in my candle warmer

feeling:  a bit stressed for many has been a long week (or two).

hearing:  the girls watching a halloween movie.  i love seasonal movies like that, too, and can't wait for the holiday themed movies at christmastime.

tasting:  cream of broccoli soup.  yum!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pressing on.



pressing through.
making my own mind be quiet.
i'm learning to reflect on the good things
and the beauty in my days.

i'm trying to remember that each day is new.
each day is a chance to begin again.
to begin again with words, with choices, with
taking care of myself, with lowering my expectations
to a degree of reality, to take a moment to catch
my breath, to stop and be mindful.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

one of my favorite fridays ever

i'll start with the beginning.
a thoughtful neighbor, a pair of tickets for my mom and me, a hubby home to babysit, a perfect october evening, a sandy beach, and one of my most favorite bands...ever. {they were actually the first group i ever saw in concert...24 years ago...when i was 12!!}

okay...on with some visual story-telling:

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores


Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores


Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores

Bon Jovi...on the beach in Gulf Shores!


Bon Jovi!

Bon Jovi

last night


Bon Jovi



yes. the night was totally awesome and i still count bon jovi among my most favorites. a lot of memories, a lot of singing, a lot of screaming, and a lot of swooning made this a fantastic saturday as well ;)

these photos were taken with my mom's nikon coolpix point and shoot. there is no way to get my big dslr into these concerts since these gatekeepers are not afraid to search you, lol! anyway, the little nikon was perfect to tuck away until we got in and it did a great job.

Friday, October 15, 2010




more scans from my first film roll. i really wish the scans were better because the prints are nice. anyway...will figure it out as i go :)


early morning chatting on the porch with my hubby in the cool, crisp air

making cream of wheat for breakfast

coffee by the pot

laundry to finish

making crimson tide plans for next month ;)

a little writing

planning an early dinner for today

taking time away with my mom this afternoon for a night out with :

bon jovi on the beach. oh yes. oh my. i can't wait!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

first roll

of film developed from this new friend of mine...
she's a 1979 minolta xg-1 slr camera.

my new toy

i still have lots of practice to do with my settings and also just getting used to the flow of how film works, but i'm pretty happy with the results of my first roll. i have quite a few more shots along with my favorites from the roll to reveal, but these are so autumnal in feel that i wanted to share them first. this was during a trip to a garden center last week where the kids got to pick out a few goodies to bring home.

 my girlies


 choices to make

 don' you love those pumpkin topiaries?

 autumn pretties

today along with scanning the photos from my first roll, i also started sorting through the last 15 years of printed photographs.  my photo albums were in terrible shape, so i decided to just toss them and keep the prints in a photo box instead.  i hope all that time-consuming, back-breaking work was worth it.  i'm still not quite finished, just a little more to do.

i'm also wondering about the prints from my new/old camera.  i had the roll developed with single prints and declined the archive cd.  now i'm wondering if the archive cd may just be worth the extra five bucks.  my scans are okay, but could be better.  i'll try it a different way with the next roll and see what works best.  it may take me a while to figure all this film business out ;)

also....with this post i tried out a smaller size photo for the blog.  i'm not sure which size i like best.  what do you think?   these smaller images or my previous larger images?

anyway....the campfire awaits me along with a bag of marshmallows to toast.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

today's thoughts

morning, light.

today's thoughts:

honestly, today my thoughts are a little blah.
maybe i'm looking at all the negatives around me at this moment like::
a very cluttered house (how did that happen over these last couple of days?  the house was in order.)
a to-do list that seems to grow by leaps and bounds
a laundry pile that makes me believe that i'll never reach the bottom
books i want to read, but can hardly take the time
school work that needs to be caught up on
i'm not feeling very well today either...
i woke up with a pounding headache
the kids have argued on and off all day
i need to spend some time straightening up outside on our porch
bed linens need to be washed (in addition to the other mountain of clothing i mentioned before)

when, rather, i should be looking at the positives like::
having a nice big house in which to have clutter strewn
having a never-ending to-do list means that someone needs me
a mountain of laundry means that we have plenty of clothes to wear
books i'd like to read mean that i can happily anticipate the stories they contain
school work that i have to do with the kids means that they can stay out of our horrible public school system
not feeling well probably means that i need to take it easy and that is a good thing, right?
my headache (although it was terrible while it lasted) went away fairly quickly
arguing kids along with my interjections of advice means that they are learning little lessons for life about
     getting along with others despite any differences
having a big porch to straighten and clean up is a wonderful's one of our favorite places sit
     together and talk.
bed linens to wash means that everyone has a comfortable place of their own in which to sleep

yes.  i should turn things around.  see these things in a positive light instead.  not burdens, but blessings.
however, some days are like this.  hard, uncomfortable, ever-lasting....

i think i'll go make my post over at A Mindful Home then get up and go turn things around for myself.  tomorrow is another day and i want to make sure that it's a good one.  a day in which i'm mindful of the very things i've mentioned here today.

have a great afternoon, friends.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

yellow...and sweetness.

yellow has been the theme around here for the last few days.


isaac took this shot in the very late afternoon on sunday.  i really loved the yellow and green together.

for me.

flowers for me.
on my birthday.
from emma.


the kids bought me a yellow cake
and it was yummy.


i took claire with me yesterday morning
on my typical monday run-around.
first stop...starbucks for coffee.
and she talked me into a treat.


of course,
how could i say no
to this face?
i love this kid  :)

the little one.

Sunday, October 10, 2010



me.  today.
that's more than 35 isn't it?  wow.
i often wonder where the time goes, but then i'm so grateful for the stage of life that i'm in now.
i think it's a nice trade-off for the most part.


i let Ethan take a few shots of me this morning so i can remember exactly what 36 looks like for me.  he did a really good job with the camera and i'm pleased with the results :)

i look back on this past year and note the things that happened or didn't happen, the things hoped for, the things accomplished, the fears, the mindfulness that i found myself committed to, etc and i have to say that this year has been great.  i'm curious to see where 36 will take me, where i'll be at this same date next year, what my life-list will look like and what's been accomplished.  for now though, i'm happy where i am and happy with taking this life one day at a time.


homecoming sessions

i had two mini sessions yesterday afternoon with some great kids heading out to the middle school homecoming dance. the light was beautiful - and so were they! here are a couple of preview shots.



Saturday, October 9, 2010

sunrise and thoughts


*these shots are from this morning's sunrise in the cotton field across the road from my house*

morning is my favorite time of day.

cotton fields, after the leaves have fallen from the plants, are beautiful. it won't be long now before the plants are picked and  all the white is gone.

the days now are warmer than earlier in the week and the air conditioner has resumed its duty.

my week has been busy.  there has been something to leave the house for every day this week.  i'm looking forward to being home today.

i have a couple of photo sessions this afternoon and one tomorrow afternoon as well.

yesterday we ate lunch with my husband's brother.  the food was delicious, but the chocolate cake and coffee was my favorite part. (it's a shame that i didn't have my camera in my was just as delicious to the eyes)

last night i was in the mood for cleaning after we got back home from another long day out and that is just what i did until i went to sleep.  it was so nice to get up this morning to find everything clean and in order, including laundry,  to start the day.

paper work is calling my name...loudly.  i must make time this weekend to get some things organized and also locate a couple of things that i seem to have misplaced.

i did purchase the old film camera that i mentioned before and it seems to work well.  i'm almost finished shooting the first roll of film and i can't wait to see the results.  i'm also a little scared....shooting manually with film is entirely different than with my dslr.  there are no previews or second chances.  yikes!

since having my new bike i have a bit of an urge to pack up the tent and go camping somewhere other than our own property.  somewhere with some nice wooded, winding, peaceful roads.  we may have to do that.

the kids are finally awake with mentions of breakfast, so my day is about to get fully underway.  it's going to be a good day.  i just know it.

happy weekending, friends.