Tuesday, January 11, 2011



on this eleventh day
of the new year
all the christmas clutter
is beginning to catch up with me.

and my house is driving me crazy.

the kids are still in play mode
and i'm in more of a toss-it mode.
this week has also been a busy one.
the kind where you are going, going,
going....only to look around and
wonder if anything at all is getting
accomplished.  all the basic stuff
just barely seems to get done, laundry
is steadily piling up, the floors seem to
be made of dirt, and the kitchen...
well, it's a disaster.

and all those things i want to do
like spending the afternoon with my
camera, reading  my book, finishing
a few blog drafts that i have waiting in queue,
writing down a few ideas that continue to
float around in my head....
they're just not happening this week.

after i spend the next few days
cleaning up and cleaning out and
doing my fair share of tossing,
i'm hoping that next week will feel
much more productive.

at least i hope.  ;)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I feel the same. There's so much I can't seem to get to, and I have to prioritize things like revising my syllabus (because classes start next week!) before cleaning the house before spending time relaxing. It's terrible.