Friday, January 21, 2011

film, kodak 400, minolta xg-1

last night ethan had
a sleep study test
as part of a series
of tests to form a correct
diagnosis regarding his
migraine issues so...last
night was a very long one.

i found it ironic that the
test was called a "sleep"
test since there was very
little sleeping involved.

tonight i'm looking forward
to having us both back in
our own warm beds,
sleeping comfortably,
safe and sound.
i'm also feeling blessed in
knowing that the doctor
called this evening to let us know
that all went well last night.
we're narrowing things down.


this evening as i look at today
in review, i feel like i may have
overreacted to something earlier.
you know...when you take a
comment a little too seriously
and make it into more than it
should have been allowed to become?
{probably because the total
lack of sleep from the night
before wreaked havoc on your
decision making abilities...}

then silence ensues.

and regrets hang heavy in the air.

and some making up needs to be done.

because at the end of the day
peace, love, and happiness is
really all that matters.


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