Thursday, January 27, 2011

feeling chatty.


late this afternoon the kids are out
playing with their daddy. the house
is quiet so i've made
dinner and had a cup of tea
and played around with my film
camera and listened to this
all afternoon. geez...the more
i listen, the more i love it.
so, so good.

while making dinner the enamel
chipped off my big cast iron
dutch oven...i have no idea what
to do with it now. keep it or toss
it, repair it, keep using it? i'll
have to research it.

i had to run into town this morning
and came across the wine bottle in the
photo above. it's beautiful and i had
to have it. i can see some beautiful
spring flowers or maybe some red berry stems
in it on my bedside table.

i've finished a few books this week and was
hoping to pick up the next in my Sookie
Stackhouse series, but couldn't find it
anywhere. i'm supposing that's because
it's the newest release. so, i had to put on hold at
the library. it seems that every winter
during january and february i turn into
a reading machine. right now i can't imagine
not having a book in my hands. the next Sookie
book will be the last until may of this year, so i'll
have to find something else interesting to read.
actually i think i'd like to back up and re-read
Jane Eyre.  i adore that story...and the movie.
have you seen this version?  it is very good and
exactly what i had in mind while reading.  i love it.

anyway...night is nearly upon us and the back
door is opening and closing at a steady rate
with hungry bellies looking for something
warm to eat.  off i go.

good night.


justine said...

Bob Dylan - what a perfect way to chill. Couldn't open your sukie link but loved that Jane Eyre version. I should be more spontaneous and buy a wine bottle for flowers, I always look at things like that but never do anything! I have just finished which was all about a woman photographer during the Vietnam war, the cover makes it look like a chick flick but it was actually rather good.

A Day That is Dessert said...

That is a nice bottle - I'm sure you'll find lots of good uses for it! Sounds like a well spent day.