Wednesday, January 19, 2011

grocery day


i'm making granola.

and cooking dinner
and washing the laundry
and vacuuming the floors
and feeding the dogs
and taking them for walks
and hopefully soon, really soon,
i'll be putting my feet up with
my newest stack of library books.

and good night.



Bandhura said...

Hi Sandra! New follower here! I am an amateur photography who is seeking friends who can possibly offer me some insight on my images. I really like what you find through yours! I would love you to follow me if you feel we may have some commonality. Thanks so much and I truly do love your pictures!

I use a Sony 35mm Rebel

justine said...

you are good making granola, love this shot and hope you get to start your new library book.

Bandhura said...

Oops! Not a Sony! A CANNON 35mm Rebel! My brain was temporarily dead! LOL