Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new color

new color

thursday evening finds me feeling tired but fulfilled
since i spent most of the day out shopping with my kids.
it was the kind of shopping day where we browsed a few
stores just because we felt like it and i picked up a couple
of things that i wanted along with a few things i really needed.

i found this huge aqua plate today while out.
i've always wanted to put this color in my kitchen, but haven't
because of a million reasons.

i just couldn't pass it up today
though and brought it home with me.
i'm loving it with the red that i can never
do without...i'll always have my red.

i'm also thinking that a vintage aqua search
on both ebay and etsy is in order really soon.

potato soup was on the menu for tonight and it was so warm
and delicious on this cold winter's day.  now the fireplace and
a book and comfy blanket are calling my name.

the kids are talking quietly and watching
a movie.  percy is asleep on the rug and all is well right now as
darrell and isaac are on their way home after a long day's hunt.

i can hardly wait for them to turn into the drive.
then my day will be perfect.



Lindsay said...

That's one of my favorite colors, though I like to call it "pool blue." I like it with the red!

Carla said...

Beautiful plate and story. Life sounds good. Carla

justine said...

this is a beautiful plate, lovely texture on it and your soup sounds delicious.