Monday, January 24, 2011



today was spent shopping and putting tons more effort into
my word for the year {nurture.}  i've been thinking a lot lately
about what the word means to me and how i want to discover
it for myself this year.  i've read lots of books lately and am finding
my own path to be more nurturing to myself and my family.

i'm trying hard to make positive changes for health.  real health.
not just weight loss, although that would be a welcomed side effect.
the kind of health that would make my near-daily headaches (among other
aches) a thing of the past and the the constant habit of making wise choices
something i don't even have to think about.  i want health and the idea
of nurturing oneself to be something that my children learn and they, thankfully,
seem to be so very open to it.  they honestly will eat anything i throw at them
and don't mind passing up most meats and dairy products.

*sauteed collard greens with toasted pine nuts, raisins, and balsamic vinegarfrom The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.

the kids also like being involved in the cooking process...picking greens from the garden,
washing them, chopping with a knife (that's always fun!), and tossing them into a pan is just what
my five year old did tonight along with putting a handful of toasted nuts and
golden raisins, and even measuring out her tablespoon of balsamic vinegar to
splash on at the end.  everyone in the family loved the dish and i didn't have to
beg anyone to try it since they had been active participants in cooking it.  we
had some brown rice and a sweet potato-lentil stew to go with it.  so very good
and very filling too.

this year with my focus being on nurture it is sure to be full of
learning experiences for all of us.  i'm hoping that i can come out at the
beginning of next year with a whole new respect for the word, but mostly
a new respect for myself, along with seeing the same in my family.

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