Saturday, January 22, 2011

a saturday in january

for dinner tonight

a lazy morning to catch up
on needed sleep

a whole pot of coffee shared,
and emptied

a husband home on this saturday
when normally he'd be working

granola was made...with extra honey
to make it form into chunks rather than
the usual loose consistency.

bread dough made and left to rise
as we all went for a little visit to
the local flea market. {and sadly,
i forgot my camera.}

that visit reminded us why we rarely
go to the flea market here in town, but
the guys at the produce stand had home
grown, freshly pulled, gigantic bundles of turnip
greens and i had to have one.

cousins are here and lots of playing
is going on...and lots of laughing and
giggling and sharing and bargaining
and running with footballs and scooters bumping
the walls and puppies growling and candy being eaten...

tonight for dinner, the bread was put into
the oven, the turnips were cleaned and the
turnip roots were chopped, all tossed
into the pot.  i could stop
the menu right there for myself, but i'm
expecting the men in the house to ask
for chicken to go with it, so that is about
to be put in the pan along with some
celery and onions.  it's smelling mighty
fine in the house right now.

as twilight is passing into darkness
the football playing is coming to an end,
red faces and cold cheeks are rushing
through the door, all to take their
places at the table, grabbing and eating
and smiling and being happy at the end
of this day - a perfect saturday in january.

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