Sunday, January 16, 2011


early morning by the fire,
book in hand.

mid morning through  afternoon,
lessons with the kids.
at the same time
baking bread for us
and a couple of loaves and recipe
to pass on to my mom.

a cup of coffee and
a little surprise
to fill the afternoon.

now dinner prep
and some more laundry and

and some playing around with
my other film shots.

this is one from dinner a few nights ago.
a weird light thing going on there on the left,
of course it's from the same problem roll
i mentioned a couple posts back.  so who knows?

dinner. film.


i usually don't touch my film shots with editing,
but because of the light in this one i was curious
about how it would look in b&w.
i like it very much with the light.

now i need to
go order some b&w film....

1 comment:

justine said...

great shots, love your film turned to black and white, do you just scan them onto your computer? I have a roll of film sitting in a really old nikon and I keep forgetting to use it.