Friday, January 14, 2011

tea and film

tea.  film.


i had my next roll of film developed today,
but was a little bummed about the results.
some of the shots are okay...some were
unusable due to a weird overexposure
that was present in my last roll of film
(that was totally trashed, btw)
and some looked like this:

film.  my problem.



so now i'm brainstorming trying to figure out if it was error on my part, error in the processing, problem with my camera, or just bad film.  i did order some kodak portra film, so i'm excited to try it and see what difference it makes.  I'm also turning to Mpix developing for my next roll {thanks for that link, Lindsay!} and i hope i can really see a good difference there.

this film thing is a real learning process...but a good creative kind of process.  i'm really enjoying it and coming to look at the light differently now that i don't have a fancy light metering system to guide my exposures.  combining aperture and shutter speed has taken on a whole new meaning lately and i'm loving it.

Edited to Add:

f : y : i

i'm adding the responses to the comment section.  so check there for any replies :)


Laurie Skillern said...

There might be a light leak in the back of the camera - were these shots at the beginning, middle or end of the roll?

sandra said...'s funny. They were randomly throughout. The first couple of shots didn't turn out at all, then randomly throughout the middle and end, I had some like this. Strange and no rhyme or reason to the pattern of mishaps. The last few were actually pretty decent.

jess said...

OMG how can you call those unusable? I love those shots!!!
I do hope you find out what happened, though.

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. I love your 'mistake' shots. They are so full of personality!

sandra said...

funny...when i was in my texture-phase of photo editing i probably would have jumped at using a layer like this, LOL.

Honestly now that I've looked over the negatives again, I think it is an error in processing. And again, the 1-hr developing at a drug store is probably not the best way to go in regards to getting good processing. I'm going to have to learn to be more patient with my film. :D

Lindsay said...

I need to get some of that Portra film! And Ektar. I'd like to try that one too. I just finished my roll of b&w, so I'm superexcited to see how it turned out. Again, I like these shots, but the frustration of trying to execute something in particular and find that it's "ruined" is huge. Here's to better processing!