Saturday, January 8, 2011

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today i baked bread

in the middle of weekending with the family.
taking morning walks and enjoying the sunshine,
enjoying my husband being home these last couple of days
(having him home for the last ten days has spoiled us!),
enjoying getting into the smoothie routine again...
we've consumed a *lot* of bananas this week!

i'm also trying to find a wheat sandwich bread recipe that we like
so that we can pass on the supermarket stuff.
i have a bread machine, but really don't like the
taste of the edges or the hardness it seems to have.
i can say that i liked it much better from a loaf pan
and it was really good.

i'm also wondering if it's at all possible to actually
let the bread cool before i slice it....and leave the
butter in the fridge.  at the rate we went today
the bread will never see itself become a sandwich!  :)



jess said...

I never, ever let the bread cool first. I swear it's bad luck. I butter the bread tops before it goes into the oven, then again when they come out. Just a little. (gosh I shouldn't lie this close to a Sunday...) The crust is soft!
As far as the inside of the bread goes, like for sandwich bread: I use less yeast than usual and I let it 'grow' most of the day, and I knead it for about 25 mins when I'm kneading.

justine said...

Nigel Slater did the most brilliant bread recipe the other day, it was so simple and cooked in a pot, I keep meaning to make it but haven't got around to it, never had a bread maker. I love your photos of your day.