Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Word :: Nurture


last year i chose a word to focus on - Mindfulness.
during the year i really, really focused on it and made it
a part of my routine, a part of my thinking process, a part of me.
over the course of the year i could see the inner results from
focusing my attention that way and now it has become habit.
when i'm feeling low i remind myself that this moment may be
rough, but it too, shall pass and be replaced by a moment where
i'm feeling totally inspired and high to the mountain tops.
i find myself sitting back quietly in the moments of our family time,
the holidays, while we're out and about, while we're sitting quietly
together in the evenings, and times when i'm all alone
and i let myself actually feel the moment.
i think of the sounds, the lighting, the scene, the smells, and the
overall feeling i'm experiencing and absorb it.  i may not do it every
single time, but definitely enough so that it has made a great difference
to me.  i feel like i now have the ability to stand back and really
observe what's going on, putting things into perspective,
when i want to, when i need to.

this year, i've been thinking about choosing another word, another
word that will hopefully have as great an impact on my thinking.
the word that i had to choose this time is Nurture.  i had to choose
it simply because i must begin to require it of myself, directed
toward myself.  i have no problem with the act of nurturing others,
it's the process of nurturing myself where the problem begins.
i'm hoping that this year, as i try to focus on this word and act on
ways to improve my life regarding its definition, that 365 days from
now i can report the same life changing findings that i was able to
report this year after focusing on last year's word.

so, today it starts.  the beginning is always the hardest part...isn't that
what they say?  let's hope that by next month the hard part will be over
and the realizations will come pouring into the moments of my life.
i'm counting on it...and praying for the strength that i'll need to get
to that point.


so, do you have a word for this year?
if so, i'd love to hear it.

happy fourth day of the new year, friends!


oh, and on another note...have you seen this story about unknown photographer Vivian Maier?
if you haven't, take a few minutes and see the incredible story about her photographs
and her life and the treasure left behind for one lucky man.


Lizzie said...

Vivian Maier's work is spectacular! A gallery of some of her work will be on display through April in Chicago.

justine said...

I don't have a word for the year, I will enjoy watching your takes and posts on your word. I love the banana here waiting to be whizzed, a promise of great things.

Cora said...

I love your new word for this year...something we all should do for our loved ones, others and for ourselves! My word for 2011 is HOPE. So I Hope you nurture and grow beyond your expectations! We are off to a good start in this new year!
Many nurturing blessings to you!